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  • Promotional Video for Fashion Brands - Visual Smugglers

    Fashion E-commerce Video Ad The Ask Working closely with Tkees marketing department and CEO. They wanted to create some short videos to help promote there Black Friday Sale . They needed shooting, editing and motion graphics . ​ The Setup A crew of two, working around the photographer. We shot segments when they weren't shooting. We also had a BTS camera to capture the vibe and energy of the shoot. It's always good to have behind the scenes to show the vibes. ​ Info We worked with Tkees brand in creating video content for their Instagram, Facebook video campaigns to help promote their "Nude" series of products. We shot and edited the project in a week, providing the content to help promote the new product and by giving the client various edits they could test which ad works. We live in a world where you can test for specifics, allowing you to hone in what works. We keep things in-house allowing us to do motion graphics, colour grading, shooting and editing and working closely with our clients we get to understand what they need early on and involve them through the editing process. Making videos is a collaborative medium and we want to bring your vision to reality and make sure your message comes through. Lifestyle Fashion Video for Social Media

  • Promotional Video for Fashion Brands - Visual Smugglers

    Lifestyle Fashion Video The Ask Leigh & Harlow Fashion, wanted some Behind The Scenes video and promotional content. ​ The Setup Armed with one shooter, we worked around the photographer who was shooting a campaign. We created promotional content between takes and shot behind the scenes to help Leigh & Harlow with there campaign. ​ Info So if you have a new fashion line that you want to create a buzz about, we can help you by creating content for your social media and your website. Add video to your Content Marketing bag of tricks and help your brand stand out on social media. Fashion Lifestyle Video

  • WizTheMc - Frame Painting Lyric Music Video

    Lyric Video for WizTheMc Frame Painting and lyric video THE ASK We were commissioned by Pique to create the lyric video for WiztheMC’s song Lied . We also was a drone operator and BTS videographer on the full music video and we took a steadicam long take from that footage to use as the basis for the lyric video. We hand drew the lyrics by hand and added a wiggle effect which gave it a very playful look that they wanted. We also accented the intro and outro with some kinetic frame-painting. ​ THE SETUP We began and ended the project in 2020 with a 2 week turnaround and over 444,000 views . ​ INFO Wiz is raised in Germany but currently based out of Toronto, ON and signed to 10k Records . WE MAKE WORDS POP OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO

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